1) How does the bracelet work?

All our bracelet provide Crystal Aromatherapy. We are the only makers in Australia to use handmade Ceramic diffuser beads and the highest quality Gemstones available to provide you Inner healing & Energy alignment, contributing to your wellness. Set intentions to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals by using them as mindfulness accessories. Our bracelets are intuitively made to bring mindfulness in your life.

2) How to choose your bracelet?

You may choose your essential oil diffuser wellness bracelet,

a) By Intention 

Decide which area of your life you want to improve, then choose the bracelet categorised under "Shop by Intention" that best resonates with your intention to buy a healing crystal/gemstone bracelet.

b) By Zodiac Sign

Choose a crystal/gemstone bracelet that corresponds with your astrological sign and best resonates with your current circumstance categorised under "Shop by Zodiac". Also if you're gifting someone, choosing the bracelet associated with their zodiac sign would be the best choice. 

c) By Chakras 

Each chakra (energy centre in your body) is typically associated with one of the several crystals. Each crystal has specific vibrational properties that correspond with a specific chakra. When our main seven chakras are open and balanced, energy can flow freely through our body and mind. When any of these energy centres are blocked, it leads to stagnation and can contribute to a variety of physical and emotional ailments. You may choose a healing bracelet from "Shop By Chakra" which is associated with the chakra that you would like to open up and balance.

3) Why should you choose our bracelet?

We are the only makers in Australia to use handmade Ceramic diffuser beads, the highest quality (AAA grade) Gemstones available and Sterling silver accents to provide a Premium quality Crystal Aromatherapy bracelet. All bracelets are completely Handmade in Sydney with good intentions and by intuitively choosing the gemstones.

4) How it diffuses the essential oil?

The bracelet has kiln fired terracotta beads, which I make using natural clay sourced locally from Ingleburn, Australia . I Bisque fire them at high temperatures (1000 C) which makes the bead highly porous and let it absorb the oil completely inside and diffuse the oil slowly with the body heat.
The terracotta is highly porous and can diffuse the oils better than the lava stone. Lava stone can diffuse the essential oil for couple of hours whereas Terracotta beads can diffuse longer for a day or 2.

5) How to Apply Essential Oil?

* Add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil to the kiln-fired terracotta beads which is slightly imperfect at the bottom.
* You can see them absorbing the oil inside. Once it's completely absorbed , wear them.
* A drop of pure essential oil can diffuse for a couple of days . Once the fragrance is completely diffused out , either reapply the same oil or go in for the next oil. 

Taking them in the shower/water will make the fragrance go away soon.


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